Linux 4.10 rc6

So this week seemed very calm, and rc6 looked like it was going to be
a nice tiny release. Just like I want it.

... and then Friday happened, and the small and calm release candidate
somehow blew up to not be all that small after all.

Oh well. It's not like this is a new pattern - people end up pushing
me their work for the week on Friday, and that's been going on for a
few years by now, and I've mentioned it before. It was just even more
noticeable than usual.

And that late set of pull requests that came in Friday (with a couple
this weekend) pushed rc6 to be the biggest rc so far during this
release cycle (that's obviously not counting rc1).

It's still not all that big by historical standards, since 4.10 has
generally been pretty calm, but it's a bit distressing. I was hoping
to do the usual "rc7 is the last rc" release schedule for once (with
both 4.8 and 4.9 pushing out to rc8), and I really want things to calm
down for that to happen.

We'll see.

Anyway, there's nothing that particularly worries me in rc6 apart from
the lack of slowing down, and that _may_ just be timing (ie not
everybody sends their updates every rc, so sometimes you just get
things bunching up more). So I'm not giving up on the "rc7 is the last
rc" dream yet.

The changes are mostly in drivers (GPU and networking stand out, but
rdma and media and MD are pretty noticeable too), with the rest being
mostly generic networking and some XFS updates, with the usual random
smattering of patches elsewhere.

Go test,