Linux 4.11 rc3

Another week, another rc.

As is our usual pattern after the merge window, rc3 is larger than
rc2, but this is hopefully the point where things start to shrink and
calm down. We had a late typo in rc2 that affected arm and powerpc
(the prep code for the 5-level page tables), and hopefully there are
no similar brown-paper-bugs now in rc3.

On the whole rc3 looks pretty normal, with two thirds being driver
updates (late qla2xxx scsi driver updates stand out, but ethernet
drivers for broadcom and cavium aren't that far behind, and there are
updates for gpu, md, cpufreq, x86 platform drivers etc).

Outside of drivers, the rest is a mix of arch updates (parisc,
powerpc, x86), filesystems (afs, nfs, xfs) and "misc" (mainly core
kernel and general networking updates).

Shortlog appended for those who want to see some overview of the
details, but what we really want is testing. Please.