Linux 4.12 rc1

So I'm doing this one day early, because I don't like last-minute pull
requests during the merge window anyway, and tomorrow is mother's day,
so I may end up being roped into various happenings.

Besides, this has actually been a pretty large merge window, so
despite there technically being time for one more day of pulls, I
actually do have enough changes already. So there.

Despite it being fairly large, it has (so far) been pretty smooth. I
don't think I personally saw any breakage at all, which is always
nice. Usually I end up having something break, or trigger some silly
build failure that really should have been noticed before it even got
to me, but so far things are looking good.

Famous last words.

The diffstat for this release looks a bit odd, because it's absolutely
dominated by the new AMD Vega10 header files that have all the
register definitions in them. In fact, that's almost exactly half the
lines of diff in just that. And if you ignore that part, the new
Intel Atom IPU driver ends up being a noticeable part of the rest.

But if you ignore those two big additions, the statistics look pretty
normal. Two thirds drivers, with the rest being arch updates,
documentation updates and "misc" (filesystems, networking, header
updates, core files).

One thing worth noting - I haven't uploaded diffs or tar-balls for
this rc. Those should now be automagically generated by kernel.org for
the rc's, but that also means that they won't be signed by my key. If
you really care about signing, get the git repo and check the tag.

Go test.