Linux 4.12 rc6

OK, so I'm traveling, and the timing of this rc is slightly out of
kilter, but it's really just one day off (even though to me it feels
like more because I'm currently in Beijing and ahead of my usual time
zone by 15 hours).

The good news is that rc6 is smaller than rc5 was, and I think we're
back on track and rc5 really was big just due to random timing. We'll
see. Next weekend when I'm back home and do rc7, I'll see how I feel
about things. I'm still hopeful that this would be a normal release
cycle where rc7 is the last rc.

And things look fairly normal. Two thirds drivers (rdma stands out,
but there's also networking drivers, gpu, hid etc), with the rest
being the usual mixture of architecture updates (s390, mips, powerpc,
arm, xtemsa) and filesystem (some more ufs work, but also ceph,
configfs and xfs), mm, networking and tooling (perf) updates.

Go out and test,