Linux 4.17 rc7

So this week wasn't as calm as the previous weeks have been, but despite
that I suspect this is the last rc.

This week we had the whole "spectre v4" thing, and yes, the fallout from
that shows up as part of the patch and commit log. But it's not actually
dominant: the patch is pretty evenly one third arch updates, one third
networking updates, and one third "rest".

The arch updates are largely - although not exclusively - spectre v4.

The networking stuff is mostly network drivers, but there's some core
networking too.

And "the rest" is just that - misc drivers (rdma, gpu, other),
documentation, some vfs, vm, bpf, tooling..

The bulk of it is really pretty trivial one-liners, and nothing looks
particularly scary. Let's see how next week looks, but if nothing really
happens I suspect we can make do without an rc8.

Shortlog appended as usual. Go out and test.