Linux 4.18 rc2

Another week, another -rc.

I'm still traveling - now in China - but at least I'm doing this rc Sunday
_evening_ local time rather than _morning_. And next rc I'll be back home
and over rmy jetlag (knock wood) so everything should be back to the
traditional schedule.

Anyway, it's early in the rc series yet, but things look fairly normal.
About a third of the patch is drivers (drm and s390 stand out, but here's
networking and block updates too, and misc noise all over).

We also had some of the core dma files move from drivers/base/dma-* (and
lib/dma-*) to kernel/dma/*. We sometimes do code movement (and other
"renaming" things) after the merge window simply because it tends to be
less disruptive that way.

Another 20% is under "tools" - mainly due to some selftest updates for
rseq, but there's some turbostat and perf tooling work too.

We also had some noticeable filesystem updates, particularly to cifs. I'm
going to point those out, because some of them probably shouldn't have
been in rc2. They were "fixes" not in the "regressions" sense, but in the
"missing features" sense.

So please, people, the "fixes" during the rc series really should be
things that are _regressions_. If it used to work, and it no longer does,
then fixing that is a good and proper fix. Or if something oopses or has a
security implication, then the fix for that is a real fix.

But if it's something that has never worked, even if it "fixes" some
behavior, then it's new development, and that should come in during the
merge window. Just because you think it's a "fix" doesn't mean that it
really is one, at least in the "during the rc series" sense.

Anyway, with that small rant out of the way, the rest is mostly arch
updates (x86, powerpc, arm64, mips), and core networking.

Go forth and test. Things look fairly sane, it's not really all that

Shortlog appended for people who want to scan through what changed.