Linux 4.19 rc7

Hi all,

Yet again, it's time for a kernel -rc release. This one is bigger than
-rc6 was, for a variety of unrelated reasons it seems. Lots of
different trees being merged this week, much more so than the previous
one. Highlights include two sets of networking fixes, lots of different
driver subsystem fixes, arm and arm64 and x86 and riscv and powerpc64
fixes, as well as scheduler, iommu, and vfs fixes. Not a huge quantity
overall, just overall a lot of different things.

Given the current rate of change, and looking at the travel/conference
schedule happening this month, it seems like we will be having a -rc8
just to be sure 4.19 is solid as well as not having to be in the middle
of a merge window during a conference week. Please go test and make
sure any remaining problems are sent in in time.


greg k-h