Linux 4.2 rc6

So last week I wasn't very happy about the state of the release
candidates, but things are looking up. Not only is rc6 finally
shrinking noticeably, the issues I was worried about had fixes come in
early in the week, and so I don't have anything big pending. Assuming
nothing new comes up, I suspect we will end up with the regular
release schedule after all (ie in two weeks). Knock wood.

In -rc6 , the diffstat looks a bit odd, in that the ARC arch updates
dominate (at around 30% of the diffs). That's partly because the rest
is pretty small, and partly because the llock/scond livelock fix
wasn't tiny. But I don't find it in myself to worry about it.

Apart from that ARC oddity, things look normal. Mostly drivers (gpu,
sound, i2c, input, usb, thermal, you name it) and other architecture
updates (mips and sparc). With some filesystem and VM fixes rounding
up the changes.

But please go out and test, and make sure all the issues really are solved. Ok?