Linux 4.3 rc2

We're on the usual Sunday schedule, and -rc2 is out there. As has been
the trend for a while now, rc2 tends to be reasonably small, probably
because it takes a while for regression reports to start trickling in
(and some people probably actively wait for rc2 to even start testing
- you scaredy-cats, you).

Anyway, things are looking fairly normal. There's some noise all over
the tree due to the irq flow-handler cleanup that removed the
redundant irq number argument. But apart from that one-time thing,
things are looking fairly calm and small - let's see whether that
continues. Knock wood.

Anyway, it's the usual mix of architecture and driver fixes, with a
smattering of other stuff (the perf tooling updates stand out, for
example). I don't think there's anything particularly alarming, the
appended shortlog gives the fairly boring details.

So if somebody didn't dare update right after the merge window closed,
jump right in. We need people to test and report,