Linux 4.4 rc5

Another week, another rc.

Things have been reasonable quiet, and rc5 looks pretty normal. There
was a fairly bad core bug that was introduced in rc4 that is now fixed
in rc5, but while that is a bit embarrassing, I don't think that many
people actually ever hit the problem.

Other than that small hiccup, things are very normal,.and there really
are not very many commits, and they are all pretty small to boot.

So everything looks fine, and I think we're on track for the usual
release schedule, which would imply a final 4.4 very early in 2016. I
am inclined to delay that release by a week not because of any release
problems, but simply because I know the next few weeks are going to be
quiet and most people will want to concentrate on other things than
getting ready for the next merge window.

We'll see. I might end up releasing 4.4 on time, and then just delay
the merge window too.

Regardless, if you have all your Christmas shopping done, I would
heartily recommend giving rc5 a whirl in between the eggnogs and the
decorations. And if you're not celebrating the holidays, you have no
excuse for not testing it all out.