Linux 4.4 rc8

Normally, me doing an eighth release candidate means that there is
some unresolved issue that still needs more time to get fixed. This
time around, it just means that I want to make sure that everybody is
back from the holidays and there isn't anything pending, and that
people have time to get their merge window pull requests all lined up.
No excuses about how you didn't have time to get things done by the
time the merge window opened, now..

So it's in all the usual places, and it's pretty small. It's about
half drivers (mostly network drivers, but some rdma stuff and a
smattering of small other changes), with the rest being arch updates
(mainly sparc, arm), some general networking code, and some crypto

But it's all really pretty small. Which is as it should be, with
holidays and just being late in the release cycle.

Expect final 4.4 next weekend, unless something very unexpected happens.