Linux 4.5 rc4

It's Valentine's day, so here I am, making a valentine for everybody
in the form of the usual rc release.

Things look fairly normal - there's some pending and yet unexplained
problem with some of the VM changes in this release cycle (the
transparent huge-page cleanups in particular), but at least for now it
seems to be s390-specific, so it shouldn't hold up testing for anybody

And things look very normal otherwise. It's pretty much the same size
as rc4's haev been lately, and nothing particular stands out. Just
under two thirds of the patch is drivers (drm, sound, scsi target,
networking, etc etc - it's pretty spread out), with the rest being the
usual stuff: architecture updates (arc, mips, arm), and other
miscellaneous (crypto, core networking and kernel code etc).

As usual, shortlog is attached - it's easy to skim to kind of get a
taste for what is going on.

So in between romancing your significant other, go out and test. I'll
be traveling next week, but will have my laptop and if things stay as
calm and normal as they've been so far, there should be no issues.