Linux 4.6 rc1

So I'm closing the merge window a day early, partly because I have
some upcoming travel, but partly because this has actually been one of
the bigger merge windows in a while, and if somebody was planning on
trying to sneak in any last-minute features, I really don't want to
hear about it any more.

On the whole, despite the size of the merge window, this was mostly
pretty pain-free. There were fairly few conflicts, and the ARM tree
that traditionally has had the most of them was really one of the
easiest experiences ever. Good job.

Of course, to offset that, we did have some unusual filesystem issues,
with both f2fs and Ceph pulls being scolded for messing up their
trees, in both cases to try to make it easier for the merge, but in
both cases I really *really* want people to just worry about their own
code, not make changes to accommodate what happened outside their

But those were mainly about git maintenance issues, not the code itself..

And while on the filesystem side, it might be worth noting that we
also have a new filesystem this time: orangefs. It's actually been
pending for a longish while, with the original pull request coming in
last August or so, but it got delayed this long due to input from Al
that I think ended up making everybody much happier. The pull request
itself came in pretty late in the merge window, but I'm happy to have
it finally merged - the orangefs maintainers have been very responsive
to the issues that got brought up.

But as usual, the *bulk* of the changes - by far - are just all the
miscellaneous driver updates. So despite the filesystem work, drivers
account for about 2/3 of the bulk of the changes. It's all over:
staging drivers, networking, drm, rdma, usb, media, sound - you name

Outside of drivers, the biggest remaining changes are as usual the
architecture updates: ARM devicetree updates being a big chunk, but
there's other arm (and arm64) updates, together with x86, powerpc,
s390, xtensa, and some m68k.

The rest is generic networking, filesystem updates (in addition to the
already mentioned orangefs, f2fs and ceph stuff, there's also xfs,
btrfs, ocfs2, ext4, and generic vfs updates). And core kernel work, as
well as doc updates and tooling updates.

So quite a bit of work all over. The shortlog being much too large to
post, I'm just appending my usual "merge log", which shows who I
pulled from along with a very short description. As always, the full
credits are to be found in the git tree.

Let's hope that a reasonably painfree merge window ends up translating
to an even more painfree calming down period, despite this being a
fairly big release.