Linux 4.7 rc5

Another week, another -rc.

Hmm. I think things are calming down, although with almost two thirds
of the commits coming in since Friday morning, it doesn't feel that
way - my Fridays end up feeling very busy. But looking at the numbers,
we're pretty much where we normally are at this time of the rc series.

The stats looks fairly normal: about half the patch is drivers,
roughly a quarter is architecture updates, and the remainder is
"misc": filesystems, scheduler, mm, etc.

The bulk of the drivers is GPU updates, but there's a smattering of
rdma, hwmon, Xen, gpio, sound.

The architecture side is powerpc, x86, some arm64, and some noise all
over from some MM cleanups..

Go out and test. By -rc5, we really should be starting to be getting
fairly ready.

And please, if Thorsten Leemhuis is tracking one of your regressions,
can you make sure to double-check it and see if it remains? It's
lovely to have a regression tracker again, but it would also be really
good to make sure that the ones that are solved get closed.