Linux 5.1 rc2

Well, we're a week away from the merge window close, and here's rc2.
Things look fairly normal, but honestly, rc2 is usually too early to
tell. People haven't necessarily had time to notice problems yet.
Which is just another way of saying "please test harder".

Nothing particularly stands out. Yes, we had some fixes for the new
io_ring code for issues that were discussed when merging it. Other
than that, worth noting is that the bulk of the patches are for
tooling, not the core kernel. In fact, about two thirds of the patch
is just for the tools/ subdirectory, most of it due to some late perf
tool updates. The people involved promise they're done.

Ignoring the tools thing, the rest is just spread all over, and it's
all pretty small. It's _roughly_ evenly split between arch updates,
drivers and filesystem code, but that's partially because of the
aforementioned io_ring thing (making the filesystem side pop a bit).
But there's minor noise elsewhere too. Most of the arch/ code is a
late ARC update. But none of it really is all that large or worrisome.

Shortlog appended for a flavor of the details (and you'll see the perf
dominance there)

Go test,


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