Linux 5.2 rc3

Hmm. Fairly calm week, and rc3 is almost exactly the same size as rc2
was. Which is a bit unusual - usually rc2 is calm, and then rc3 is
when people have started finding problems and we get a more active

But far be it for me to complain about a calm rc week, so I won't.

Nothing particularly stands out. Yes, the continued SPDX work does
kind of result in a constant background hum of license comment
cleanups if you look at the patch itself, but it obviously has no code
impact (outside of one buggy conversion that was fixed, but caused a
build failure before that ;)

Anyway, even ignoring the SPDX changes, there's just a lot of small
fixes spread all over, not anything that looks particularly scary or
worrisome. Maybe next week is when the other shoe drops, but maybe
this will just be a nice calm release. That would be lovely.