Linux 5.4 rc5

So usually by this time, I wish things were calming down. We've had a
few fairly small rc's so far in the 5.4 series, and sadly rc5 isn't
shrinking from that smaller baseline.

So unlike the previous rc's that were on the smaller side compared to
recent releases, 5.4-rc5 is a bit _bigger_ than the rc5's of the last
few releases. It's not huge, by any means, and partly exactly because
previous rc's were small, I'm going to treat it as just some pent-up
work going in, and I'm not worried.

So things still seem pretty normal, and none of the patches look all
that scary to me.

I'm still on the road, with OSS EU starting tomorrow, but apart from a
few long flights I should be fairly normally responsive and my travels
shouldn't be impacting the upcoming week. Particularly since I hope
that we'll at least start seeing a proper calming down period for rc6.

Anyway, shortlog is appended below for people who want to scan the
details. It's all very normal, with about half of the patch being
drivers (sound, pinctrl, regulator, gpu, cpufreq, usb..), with the
rest being arch updates, filesystem updates, misc core stuff and

So we have a bit more fixes than normal during this stage, but nothing
looks very strange, and the diffstat looks _mostly_ flat (with the
cpufrequency power-QoS and io_uring changes looking a bit bigger)
which is my sign for "small changes all over".

Go test,