Linux 5.5 rc7

Well, things picked up at the end of the week, with half of my merges
happening in the last two days.

Whether that is the usual "send the weeks work to Linus on Friday", or
a sign that things are just picking up in general after the holidays,
I don't know. If the former, I'll probably just release the final 5.5
next week. But if it looks like there's pent-up fixes pending next
week, I'll make another rc.

Nothing in here looks particularly odd. Drivers is about half of the
patch (networking, sound, gpio, gpu, scsi, usb, you name it), with the
rest being the usual mix - arch, networking, filesystems, core
kernel.. The diffstat looks mostly fairly nice and flat, with a
couple of exceptions that look harmless (a few device tree file
updates, some pure code movemment, and a couple of driver fixes that
ended up changing calling conventions to get done and as a result got
to be more lines than the bug otherwise would have merited).

Please do test, there should be nothing scary going on.