Linux 5.7 rc2

Here we are, a week later, and rc2 looks pretty nice and calm. Of
course, it usually does that - people taking a breather after the
merge window, and we may not have had enough time to see all the
problem reports yet.

Everything continues to look fairly normal, with commit counts right
in the middle of what you'd expect for rc2. And most of the changes
are tiny and don't look scary at all.

In fact, about 30% of the patch is tooling, and even there a lot of it
is because of one larger diff due to the x86 system call table being
re-synchronized with the main kernel side.

Outside of that, we've got driver fixes (ethernet stands out, but
there's also other networking, GPU, sound, hwmon, i2c, clk..). And
filesystems (afs, btrfs, xfs, ext4, cifs, proc). And Documentation,
networking and arch fixes. And small random things elsewhere.

Some of the spread out noise is the replacement of zero-sized arrays
with flexible ones - we've had that come in through the various
subsystems for a while now, and then Gustavo sent a pull request for
another random collection.

Nothing that really should be seen as all that exciting. Which is all
good. The more noticeable one might be fixing the regression that was
due to the EFI loaders not clearing the BSS section and us having lost
the workaround for that. That caused boot problems for some. Not
perhaps exciting, but an example of the kind of solid (boring?) small
pedestrian things we've had.

Shortlog appended so that you can scan the details if you want.