Linux 5.7 rc6

Another week, another rc.

Last weekend, we had a larger-than-usual rc5, which I expected because
rc4 had been small and so there was some pent-up fixing work that
ended up in rc5.

This weekend, we had an even bigger rc6, and I really hoped we were in
the calming down period.

So I'm not entirely happy about this. That said, there's nothing
particularly scary in here, and it's not like this rc6 is outrageously
big or out of control. I was just hoping for less.

About a quarter of this is arch updates (arm[64], csky, x86, powerpc,
risc-v) with an additional 5% being some x86 kvm selftests.

The rest is mostly driver updates (gpu, usb, networking, rmda, clk)
with a random mix of other stuff (filesystem updates, tracing, mm, and
core networking).

Nothing really stands out, but let's hope things calm down now.


PS. On a personal note, my middle daughter graduated college
yesterday. Congrats to her - and to me. Two down, one to go!