Linux and Main: Linus the Referee Considers Last-Minute Kernel Additions

“As the feature freeze approaches for what will become either
Linux-2.6 or Linux-3.0, Linus Torvalds has offered views on some
submitted features and asked for more information on others,
sparking discussion of some major and minor changes that could
appear in the new kernel.

“In a lengthy thread on the kernel mailing list, Linus was asked
to pass judgment on outstanding issues.

“‘Here is the list of features which have are being actively
pushed, not NAK’ed, and are not in 2.5.45,’ wrote Rusty Russell.
‘There are 13 of them, as appropriate for Halloween. “‘Most were
submitted repeatedly well before the freeze. It’d be nice for you
to give feedback, and decide which ones (if any) are still up for

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