Linux.com: 3dfx Gaming

“3dfx cards are some of the hottest video cards on the market.
So, of course 3dfx wanted to make sure that their product worked
with one of the best O/S’s around. The whole goal of the 3dfx
opensource drivers is to have very easy portability in the linux

“Enter Daryll Strauss, who approached 3dfx and offered to do a
glide port for linux. Now, keep in mind that glide came along
because of 3dfx. The Glide rendering package was made specifically
for 3dfx and thier video cards.”

“Daryll Strauss started to port the glide rendering package with
the intent of easy portability to the linux OS. Daryll made sure
that each port worked with the newest and latest games at the time
(eg: Quake, Quake II, Quake III).”