Linux.com: An Interview with Guido van Rossum

[ Thanks to Jeff Alami
for this link. ]

Guido van Rossum is the creator of the Python programming
language, and has worked on Python for ten years. He is the
Director of PythonLabs, the leading resource for Python expertise
and technologies.

“Linux.com: What is CNRI’s relationship to Python?”

“Guido van Rossum: CNRI funded Python development for five
years. The money came mostly from NSF and DARPA research funds.
Some of it came also from other sources: PSA (Python Software
Activity) membership fees, Python Consortium membership fees, and
specific funding by companies with an interest in Python.”

“I left CNRI in May, taking three other developers with me, to
join a California startup, BeOpen.com. We are still living and
working in the DC metro area. We left because it had become
apparent that CNRI was vastly reducing the funding level for
Python, moving most of us to other projects, and also because we
felt that CNRI did not appreciate open source software development

“Since then, the relationships with CNRI have been strained.
CNRI insisted to change the Python license in a way that caused
lots of questions and worries from the community. I hope that
eventually CNRI’s control over future Python developments will be
reduced to zero, but for now CNRI still has control over the
python.org website and the new license encumbers all future
versions of Python until I find the time for a complete rewrite
from scratch.”


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