Linux.com: Confessions of a Windows Developer

Hi, my name is Tom (hi Tom…), and I’m a Windows
developer.” Whew, it sure feels good to get that off my chest. I’ve
got another confession to make, though — I’d really prefer to be a
Linux developer.
It’s not just because I believe in the
platform from a philosophical standpoint, but for reasons of
practicality too. Linux ships standard with a host of free, open
development tools that put other operating systems to shame, making
my job as a developer much easier.”

“Let’s face it, Linux is a developer’s dream. Are you a C or C++
developer? You get a top-notch compiler, linker, assembler, and
debugger. Need some scripting tools? Hmm, you’ve got shell, Perl,
Python, and many others to choose from. Oh, you’re a Web developer?
Well, perhaps you’ll want to check out PHP or Zope. Of course, if
you work with a group of developers, you’ll want to have some sort
of version control system in place, such as CVS. Finally, to make
your daily work a little less of a chore, you’ll have your choice
of full-featured shells, and the indispensable GNU utilities at
your fingertips.”


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