Linux.com: Linux Expo North America Report: Part 2

“I caught up with Ted Cook, CEO of Enhanced Software
Technologies, the developers of the BRU software package for Linux
and Unix systems. About EST’s presence at the event, he said that
the company was “looking to getting additional exposure in Canada.”
EST’s never been to a Linux show in Canada, so they wanted to find
out the interest from local resellers and clients for their backup

“One of the most exciting announcements of the event was the
creation of a new service for software management called
WhatIfLinux.com. Created by Acrylis, WhatIfLinux.com offers
systems administrators the ability to monitor their systems and the
software running on them, determine if updates are needed, and test
updates, installations, and uninstallations before actually going
ahead with them.
I spoke to Reg Broughton, President of
Acrylis, Allan Cantos, VP of Engineering, and Keith Erskine,
Product Manager.”

“How does WhatIfLinux.com work? Acrylis’ Product Manager
explains. The sysadmin runs an Java-based server agent on the
server that needs to be monitored. This agent will investigate the
system and determine what software is installed and how it’s
configured, and securely report this back to the WhatIfLinux.com
servers. On the desktop side, the client uses a Java application
which shows the server’s configuration and provides for testing new
software implementations.”