Linux.com: Modify That Quaking Penguin!

“You’ve had Q3A for a while now, and you’ve beaten nightmare
Xaero with a perfect score and 10 humiliations over 500 times. Need
to find some new blood? There’s one place to look: online. Jeff
Mrochuk has taken the pleasure of summarizing the most popular
Quake 3 Arena mods. Check them out, see which one appeals to you
and go fraggin’.”

“Q3F (no longer called Q3Fortress) is very tightly based on
Quake World Team Fortress, and does it great justice. Due to legal
reasons several things have been renamed, but if you were familiar
with TF you should have no problem adapting to Q3F. Team Fortress
Classic fans will complain that it feels different, which it does.
It feels like the original TF. This mod already has a large league
following, and hundreds of clans. The basic premise? Pick a team,
select from one of 9 classes, and complete your goals, which depend
on the map. Most maps are capture the flag, but there is also
domination and assasination styles, and more. It features new
classes (http://www.q3f.com/shots_classes.html), several new
weapons (http://www.q3f.com/shots_weapons.html) and a ton of new
maps (http://www.q3f.com/shots_levels.html). You’ve gotta try this

“Well I’ll be… Rocket Arena 3 was released while I was writing
this article, and I’ve been playing it for hours. It’s taken over
as the #1 Q3A mod by player (source
http://www.gamespy.com/stats/mods.asp?id=22). Basically RA3 comes
with 8 maps, each including three or more 1-on-1 arenas and at
least one team arena. Some maps feature Red Rover arenas. You join
a server, pick a 1-on-1 or team match and fight. Last man standing
wins, basically like tournament mode in Q3A. Red Rover is a
different story. In Red Rover there are two teams, and as soon as
someone is killed they spawn onto the team of the player who killed
them, until only one huge team remains. The man with the most frags
wins. In all RA3 modes, you start with all the weapons, so no
weapon or armor camping comes into play; Q3A has 6 or 7 suitable
1-on-1 maps, RA3h as over 24; finally, these are some of the most
well crafted maps you’ll ever see. This mod is very high quality
and I urge you download it ASAP. If you have the bandwidth, it even
comes with its own separate MP3 soundtrack.”


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