Linux.com: The Michael Vance interview [Game Developer for Loki]

Linux.com: With the upcoming port of Soldier
of Fortune comes yet another first-person shooter for Linux. What
do you think about porting racing and/or flight simulators to Linux
in the future?”

Michael Vance: It’s always been Loki’s goal to
cover a wide range of titles. We’ve done strategy games, shooters,
mech games, simulations, card games, and so on. We expect to
continue with that philosophy in the future. While I can’t divulge
titles, we are looking into the types of games you mention.

Linux.com: What do you find to be the most
challenging part of porting games to Linux?

Michael Vance: The most challenging part
is identifying and understanding the various differences between
the Windows and Linux toolchains. The funny answer would be
“dealing with the people on newsgroups,” however.


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