Linux.com: The Three Stages of Free Software Cluefulness

Thanks to Jeff Alami for
this link.

“The August LinuxWorld Expo is just around the corner, so
suddenly my mailbox is full of entreaties from convention
exhibitors asking me to stop by and take a look at their
revolutionary new open source product. Fair enough–I registered to
attend as a member of the press, and these conferences are nothing
if not organized opportunities for mass hype. I won’t

“Besides, the opportunity to parse this mail into categories of
free software cluefulness is fun. It’s been fascinating to watch
over the last year as the established organisms of the software
industry–the public relation firms, the big software companies,
and, of course, the media–have reacted to the rise of free
software/open source. They’re all looking for familiar handholds to
grab on to, striving to absorb this strange new thing into their
established world-view.”