Linux.com: Window Manager Review Part 2

This week’s installment of The Great Window Manager Roundup
concentrates on the middle of the alphabet: FVWM, IceWM, OLVWM, and
Coincidentally, these are particularly lightweight window
managers, featuring modular approaches that let you start what you
need, and only what you need, saving you resources and increasing
your speed. You might not care if you have a PIII or an Alpha
sitting under your desk, but if you have older equipment or are
sitting on a train with a laptop, these might be just what the
doctor ordered.”

“FVWM is currently in stable release 2 and is not currently
GNOME of KDE compliant. It is fully ICCWM compliant, however. Just
about every distribution includes a version of this window manager
so chances are it’s either already on your hard disk or is located
on the distribution CD.”


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