Linux companies affected by Sun’s Acquisition of Star Office

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for this link. ]

“Investor’s worried about the trading value of Applix (APLX) and
Corel (CORL) should take pause before they panic. The Sun (SUNW)
acquisition of Star Office will help both Applix and Corel, not
hurt them. Sun landed a blow to Microsoft on this purchase and
helped open the door for the Linux desktop.”

“First, Microsoft has held a death grip on the Office Suite or
productivity market since 1995. Using a combination of tactics,
Microsoft chased WordPerfect out of business, practically escorted
Lotus into the arms of IBM and ended Borland’s effectiveness with
QuatroPro. Since Office 4.3, Microsoft has owned the productivity

“As Emerson might say, one’s strengths are often one’s
weaknesses. Microsoft became vulnerable by attempting to dominate
the world with their Windows operating system. Global companies
such as Kimberly Clark, Ericsson, Nokia and Cap Gemini discovered
quickly that the Microsoft format hampered their ability to share
documents with non-Microsoft computers including IBM operating
systems, the Unix flock and to some extent even Apple’s