Linux Documentation Project HOWTO updates

Lots of major updates, and several new HOWTOs.

Document Name Classification Update Author Description Version
Belgian-HOWTO howto new Dag Wieers Information on using Linux with Belgian-specific features v1.0.11, 11 September 1999
Esperanto-HOWTO howto major Wolfram Diestel How to use Esperanto in general and ISO-8859-3 in special with
v1.30, August 1999
HOWTO-HOWTO howto new Mark F. Komarinski Getting a new LDP author up and running with tools, ideas,
v0.12, 2 September 1999
Mail-Administrator-HOWTO howto rename/update Guylhem Aznar Information on electronic mail servers and clients v3.1, July 1999
Mail-User-HOWTO howto rename/update Eric S. Raymond This document is an introduction to the world of electronic
v2.2, 07 May 1999
Serbian-HOWTO howto new Zoltan Csala Information on using Linux with Serbian-specific features v1.0, November 1998
Serial-HOWTO howto major David Lawyer This HOWTO covers basic info on the Serial Port and multiport
serial cards
v2.01, August 1999
VPN-Masquerade-HOWTO howto new John D. Hardin This document describes how to configure a Linux firewall
v2.2, 9 September 1999
Colour-ls mini unmaintained Thorbjoern Ravn Andersen How to set up the colours with ‘ls’ v1.4, 7 August 1997
Large-Disk mini minor Andries Brouwer How to use disks with > 1024 cylinders v2.2d, 12 September 1999
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