Linux Focus: Product review: SNiFF+ for Linux

“SNiFF+ is an Integrated Development Environment for the
Languages C, C++, Java, IDL, Fortran77, Fortran90 and ADA. SNiFF+
gives you the possibility to visually understand your code. Users
of other big operating systems may already be used to such
development environments and be very happy to see that such an IDE
is available for Linux.”

“SNiFF+ and IDEs in general are best used with larger pieces of
code and in environments where you have to make changes to existing
code which you have not entirely written your self. SNiFF+ supports
also various version control tools such as RCS, CVS, clearcase,
etc… This makes it probably ideal for teamwork in larger

“SNiFF+ has been ported to Linux and it is visible in many
cases. Luckily it supports common short cuts such as Crtl-a (go to
start of line), Crtl-e (go to end of line), Crtl-k (delete until
end of line) etc… It does however not support copy and paste via
mouse. Under Unix one has normally a 3 button mouse and you select
text with the left mouse button while you paste it with the middle
mouse button. Under Linux this works across all programs and it is
really annoying that it does not work with SNiFF+. Instead copy and
paste is done with a key combination that seems to come from
MS-Windows. SNiFF+ is otherwise a sound product but not being able
to copy and paste with the mouse really annoyed me every time I
used it. If I had to suggest a high priority improvement for SNiFF+
then it is this point.”

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