Linux Gazette: Soundings: Explorations In Linux Sound

“Lately I’ve been investigating some of the numerous sound
processing and display tools available for Linux. This is an
extremely active area of Linux software development and covering it
fully would be a book-length project; in this series of articles
I’ll limit myself to software packages which I’ve found to be
particularly useful and impressive.”

Soundcard support for Linux is in something of a fragmented
state these days.
The drivers supplied with the Linux kernel
source (the OSS drivers) are functional and work well with many
sound cards; they are being maintained, but the original developers
have gone on to form a company, 4Front Technologies, which supplies
enhanced drivers (including drivers for cards which Linux doesn’t
support) to Linux users willing to pay for them. 4Front’s drivers
can be easier to set up than the native Linux drivers, and 4Front’s
developers attempt to keep abreast of new cards as they