Linux Journal: ATI Gets in Linux Driver’s Seat

“Some support is better than others, but ATI’s decision to
“fully support” the development of drivers for Linux is a major
plus for those programmers who have been looking to use the Linux
operating system with some of the industry’s top-of-the-line
graphics hardware.”

ATI has made tremendous strides in the past year working
with key developers on our support for Linux and we are on target
to become the graphics company of choice among Linux users
said ATI vice president of corporate marketing, Henry Quan.”

“As part of ATI’s Linux initiative, the company is releasing 2D,
3D, and multimedia programming specifications for its RAGE graphics
technology. ATI has made an arrangement with Precision Insight, a
Texas-based Linux software development firm, to produce an open
source 2D and 3D driver for the RAGE 128. ATI’s RAGE family of
processors includes RAGE 128 Pro, which is among the fastest
graphics chips on the market.”