Linux Journal: Movie Making on a Linux Box? No Way!

“Broadcast 2000 is the Linux movie-making spinoff of mainstream
computing in 2000. What Broadcast 2000 does is turn your Linux box
into an iMac, a system able to capture, edit and render
high-quality multimedia content. The software catapults you into a
fury of content sensations normally reserved for those who earn
their living by rebooting WinNT.”

“The Broadcast 2000 software allows you to cut and paste
hours of full-motion, full-resolution movies and DVD-quality sound
in an instant. The software spits out 2 gigabyte movie files like
poptarts. It exercises the full potential of Linux, and most
importantly it crosses the barrier between pure computing
infrastructure to productivity applications, which is a challenge
akin to landing a human on Mars.”

“The trend is now to isolate the Linux interface from user
interaction by embedding it in microcontrollers, appliances and
computer infrastructure. Part of the justification for Broadcast
2000 is to invent roles for Linux that no one never dreamed of
before. It is all about web servers playing movies and routers
playing reverb. As a colleague once said on the topic of 3-D
webcams for Linux boxes, “That sounds like something only Microsoft
would do.”


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