Linux Journal: Now What?, More thoughts and questions about the AOL Time Warner deal

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for this link. ]

“To get a bit more granular about it, here are a few questions
that the Linux and Open Source communities would do well to

  • “What does this do to the Mozilla project? It’ll soon be two
    years since Netscape released the Mozilla code, and Mozilla 5.0 is
    still a buggy beta. What gives?”
  • “For that matter, what about the Open Directory project?
    Originally titled Newhoo, Open Directory (also known as DMOZ), is
    what New York Times columnist Denise Caruso calls “the only free,
    resolutely anticommercial, openly available human-edited directory
    of sites on the World Wide Web.” That’s in her current piece, which
    describes the AOL Time Warner deal as “… two very wealthy old men
    doing comb-overs on their balding pates, trying to look hip and
    zippy but not quite willing to let go of the past.”