Linux Journal: The K Desktop Environment, Version 1.0

Review by Bill Cunningham.

“KDE is primarily a complete, windows-based graphical operating
environment for UNIX platforms. The KDE Core, also called kdebase,
comes with a highly configurable window manager, control panel,
file manager and virtual terminal. A user can download and install
just the core package and be up and running in fine style. All your
original X Window System applications will still work as

“… to fully benefit from KDE, one can additionally install
specialized, interoperative application suites…”

“One objection to KDE is that it looks a lot like MS Windows 95.
Once you use it for a while, though, you realize KDE is not much
like Windows 95 at all… every aspect of KDE’s appearance is

“Some have also said that KDE represents a moving away from the
low-level workings of the operating system. For many people, this
is actually good news. For the programmers and kernel hackers,
Linux is still underneath it all…”

“If Linux is to be a vibrant, mainstream, “world dominant”
operating system, it needs conveniences for the average user:
straightforward installation, good applications, good looks and
ease of use. KDE is a quantum step in this direction.”

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