Linux kernel 2.2.2ac7 released

Alan Cox writes:


If you have a problem in 2.2.2ac7 verify you can duplicate it with 2.2.2
before posting general bug reports if possible. Make sure it is obvious
if a bug report is about -ac7 to avoid any confusion.

Definitely let me know if you have any ac7 specific problems. Don't bother
Linus unless 2.2.2 unpatched also breaks.


Differences between 2.2.2ac6 and 2.2.2ac7

o       Fix the MTRR compile bug in SMP mode            (me)
o       CMI8330 soundpro mixer support                  (Ionut Badulescu)
o       Bridging crash fixes, allow STP disable         (Heikki Vatiainen)
o       Allow renaming of busy NFS files                (Trond)
o       CDROM update                                    (Jens Axboe)
o       First part of the ARM sync with Russell         (Russell King)

Differences between 2.2.2ac5 and 2.2.2ac6

o       Still trying to catch all the 3c509 fun         (me)
o       SCSI generic scatter gather + fixes             (Douglas Gilbert)
o       V7 file system support in SYS5fs                (Jon Naylor)
o       Use constant names in the apic code             (Jan Willamowius)
        when it hacks page tables
o       AIC7xxx update                                  (Doug Ledford)
o       AF_UNIX queue bug fix                           (Andrea Arcangeli)
        (Im waiting for the gc argument to settle before
         adding that bit)
o       Lockd authentication fix                        (G Allen Morris III)
o       Duplicate include tidy                          (John Bley)
o       VFAT panic fix                                  (Alexander Viro)
o       Keyboard loop has a sanity timer                (me)
o       Dquot check                                     (me)
o       Possibly fixed the sk_g16 driver                (me)
o       Revert the MCA patch

Differences between 2.2.2ac4 and 2.2.2ac5

o       The Maestro code should work from a cold boot   (me)
        | modprobe sb support=1 ; insmod ess_pci
o       Test code for the Yamaha PCI cards in SB mode   (me)
        | Note "test" - build it module only , I dont have the
        | cards, you may need to add your PCI ident etc
        | modprobe sb support=1; insmod pci_legacy
o       Set the write gathering of RAM on the AMD K6    (me, based on others)
        | Needs testing. Please report. Someone ought to do the K5 too
o       AWE32 crash fixes                               (Takashi Iwai)
o       Small warning fixes                             (Various)
o       3c509 compile fix                               (me)

Differences between 2.2.2ac3 and 2.2.2ac4

o       CMI 8330 documentation                          (Stefan Laudat)
o       Remove spare linux/config.h from Megaraid       (Niels)
o       Silly bug in the bttv fix removed               (Linus)
o       Aims lab update                                 (Russell Kroll)
o       Alpha fixes                                     (Richard Henderson)
o       PCM-4823 ne2k clone support                     (Jari Malinen)
o       PLIP works on more than 3 ports                 (Kai Schulte)
o       MCA and 3c529 update                            (David Weinehall)
o       Old unused NET_ALIAS config entry removed       (Mathew Wilcox)
o       VM deadlock fix                                 (Andrea Acangeli)

Differences between 2.2.2ac2 and 2.2.2ac3

o       CDROM compile fixes                             (Jens Axboe)
o       Alpha timer jitter fixes                        (Bruce Elliott)
        | No ac3 still doesn't compile on an Alpha
o       NFS write tweak                                 (Trond)
o       Ptrace thread race fix                          (Ingo Molnar)
o       Fork pid reuse fix                              (Ingo Molnar)
o       Minor config cleanups                           (David Weinehall)
o       VGA detection test improved                     (Russell King)
o       Report mono/stereo on Aims lab cards            (Wee Liang)
o       Ksymoops speedup                                (Massimiliano Ghilardi)
o       Stop swapping on a link to the same swapfile    (Andrzej M. Krzysztofowicz)
o       Hopefully fixed the bttv capture bug            (me)

Differences between 2.2.2ac1 and 2.2.2ac2

o       Config documentation error                      (Tim Waugh)
o       NFS client updates                              (Trond)
o       Fix nfsd kernel memory to network leak          (Russell King)
o       CDROM driver update                             (Jens Axboe)
o       AMI Megaraid driver 0.96                        (Jeffrey Jones, AMI)
o       Fixed an embarrassingly stupid sb bug           (me)
        | 16bit should work again now
o       Accept root server from command like in nfsroot (Gero Kuhlmann)
o       Don't send bridge config frames when bridge is
        compiled in and disabled                        (Tomasz Motylewski)

Differences between 2.2.2 and 2.2.2ac1

New Features
o       Large file array support (>1024 handles allowed)
o       Support querying actual block size of media
o       Typhoon radio driver
o       Test driver for Sealevel wan cards
o       Acard ATP870U SCSI driver
o       Initio A100 SCSI driver
o       QlogicFC fibrechannel driver
o       Symbios 53c416 driver
o       Support type 6 ARP on ethernet

o       BW Qcam driver updated
o       3c509 driver updated to match 2.0
o       COSA wan driver updated
o       Major IRDA updates
o       SMC ultra updated to match 2.0 driver
o       Wavelan update, including newer card support
o       AIC7xxx updated
o       Updated MegaRAID driver
o       ESS Maestro test driver

Major Fixes
o       CS8900 driver module options fixed. Original is unusable
o       Shaper doesnt crash SMP boxes
o       SCSI error doesnt crash the machine at random
o       Persistent DMA buffers on sound
o       RPC improvements
o       Faster NFS client
o       NTFS doesnt crash when it runs out of memory
o       /proc/mem locking fixes

Minor Fixes
o       Remove obsolete/misleading "Drop Source Route" Config item
o       Configure.help fixes
o       Dcache documentation
o       Sparc maintainers entries up to date
o       make clean removes everything it should
o       genksyms version problems are reported
o       Misbracketing in hd.c fixed
o       Zoltrix fixes
o       ADFS updated
o       8390 fix for "interrupt when stopped" message off ne2000
o       GDTH driver has missing version.h check fixed
o       Fixes to the SCSI blacklist
o       Future Domain MCA driver works non modular
o       Various frame buffer updates
o       chgrp handling fixed
o       Route cache flush proc entry is write only

o       Some ARM merging

--- drivers/net/3c509.c~        Fri Feb 26 01:55:06 1999
+++ drivers/net/3c509.c Fri Feb 26 13:50:58 1999
@@ -917,12 +917,12 @@
        struct device *next_dev;
-       struct el3_private *lp = (struct el3_private *)dev->priv;
        /* No need to check MOD_IN_USE, as sys_delete_module() checks. */
        while (el3_root_dev) {
+               struct el3_private *lp = (struct el3_private *)el3_root_dev->priv;
-               next_dev = ((struct el3_private *)el3_root_dev->priv)->next_dev;
+               next_dev = lp->next_dev;
                release_region(el3_root_dev->base_addr, EL3_IO_EXTENT);

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