Linux kernel 2.2.2pre4 released

Linus Torvalds writes:

In a superhuman effort to not get killed by my wife, I delayed
the latest release for a day. And in fact, it’s still just a
pre-release, because I wanted to check with Ingo that I have his
latest IO-APIC code with the proper handling of ExtINT. Ingo?

Anyway, the “not quite valentine days release” (also known as
the “horny greased weasel”, aka “presidents day” release ;), is
right now a pre-patch on ftp.kernel.org:

Happily, I haven’t heard of any new real show-stoppers, which is
good (especially considering the fact that I gave it an extra week
just to hear if somebody could come up with some new problems). The
things fixed relative to 2.2.1 are:

  • the inode thing. If you don’t know, don’t worry.
  • config scripts updated
  • IO-APIC cleanups and fixes, so that people with strange
    motherboards should be able to reboot cleanly and not get
    unexpected interrupts.
  • 2kB sector media (ie mostly MO) fixes. See all the warnings on
    the lists about fdisk confusion etc if you have one of these
  • IDE disk cleanups/fixes (geometry and autodetection)
  • PS/2 mouse hides ACK’s again
  • pty crash fix
  • some network driver fixes (out-of-memory and shared
  • some sound and video updates.
  • lockd cookie fixes
  • nfsd readdir reply cache fix
  • filesystem/VM deadlock avoidance (new deamon: kpiod)
  • SMP scheduler race condition (which nobody has probably ever
  • TCP socket locking fix

Most of the above are really hard to see in the first place, and
not something most people would ever hit (with the possible
exception of the inode thang). But it would be good to have a
really rock solid 2.2.2, so if people could just bother to check
that it works for them, and I’ll make this official tomorrow.