Linux kernel 2.2.5ac5 released

Alan Cox writes:

Linux 2.2.5ac5 is now up on ftp.*.kernel.org


Differences between Linux 2.2.5ac4 and Linux 2.2.5ac5

o       Support dual ramdisk boot as 2.0 does           (me)
o       Appletalk timer race fix                        (Adrian Sun)
o       Enhanced PCnet32 driver                         (Thomas Bogendoerfer)
o       Updated ICP vortex driver. SMP fixes etc        (ICP)
o       Writeable HPFS                                  (Mikulas Patocka)
o       Alpha fix for ES1371                            (Ivan N. Kokshaysky)
o       FSINFO fix                                      (Max Cohan)
o       Sangoma merge done                              (me from Sangoma
        | There are some to be resolved questions about the Sangoma
        | streaing Bisync and HDLC API's. If you need those get the original
        | kit from the Sangoma web site, not the in kernel set.
o       AHA152x driver doesn't jam the machine up like  me
        it does now.

Differences between Linux 2.2.5ac3 and Linux 2.2.5ac4

o       I2O proc fs support and fixes                   (Deepak Saxena)
o       I2O locking fixes                               (Philip Rumpf)
o       SJCD block sizing fixes                         (Anthony Barbachan)
o       Pixelview support for bttv driver               (ProLink)
o       Report SB revisions in Creative Labs format     (Sebastian Kienzl)
o       CS4235 doesn't have a timer so don't try and
        use it                                          (Lorinczy Zsigmond)
o       Fix access() problem with capability setting    (J. Anastasov)
o       Fix a PCI oldproc ordering bug                  (Helge Deller)

Differences between Linux 2.2.5ac2 and Linux 2.2.5ac3

o       I2O block handles multiple devices              (Steve Ralston)
o       I2O scsi multidevice and scatter/gather fixes   (Steve Ralston)
o       Alpha timex patch                               (Wieger Opmeer)
o       ADS Cadet radio driver                          (Fred Gleason)
o       TLan renegotiation bug fixed                    (me)
o       Updated PSI drivers                             (Perceptive Solutions)
o       O_DIRECTORY fix                                 (Jamie Lokier)
o       RCPCI45 VPN driver updated                      (Red Creek)
o       Arlan driver                                    (Elmer.Joandi/
                                                         Cullen Jennings)

Differences between Linux 2.2.5ac1 and Linux 2.2.5ac2

o       Fixed the uid cache race again                  (me)
o       DaveM's tcp fix                                 (DaveM)
o       EFS partition endian fixes                      (Al Smith)
o       SMP fixes for old EISA boxes                    (James Bottomley)
o       Ksymoops updates - please test on non x86       (Keith Owens)
o       Non blocking tty fix                            (Tobias Ringstrom)
o       SCSI generic updates                            (Douglas Gillbert)
o       Config updates                                  (Axel Boldt)
o       IPv4 traffic equaliser                          (Guus Sliepen)
o       Soundscape Vivo fix                             (Walter Hunt)

Differences between Linux 2.2.5 and Linux 2.2.5ac1

o       Large file arrays
o       AIC7xxx driver updated.
o       NFS client does write clustering and handles >4K page servers well
o       PCI2000/PSI2200 compile fixed.
o       QlogicFC driver pdated.
o       V7 file system support in the SYS5 fs
o       Updated Sangoma drivers (in progress)
o       2Gig memory support on the Alpha
o       ARM arch & driver updates
o       I2O SCSI and Block OSM (experimental)
o       MCA updates
o       K6-II/III MTRR registers
o       Cleaned up MSR/TSC handling
o       MCD parameters settable in make config 
o       IRDA updates - IRDA sockets
o       Roadrunner/HIPPI updates
o       Sealevel Wan card driver (experimental)
o       Sound fixes for mulaw
o       Experimental sound drivers for ESS Maestro PCI
o       4bit VGA fbcon driver
o       Inode versioning
o       Lockd, NFSD updates
o       NTFS doesnt crash the machine on out of memory
o       Procfs readlink fix
o       Improved scsi generic
o       Misc small changes

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