Linux Kernel 3.12.68 LTS Hits the Streets with SPARC and Networking Improvements

Linux kernel 3.12.68 LTS brings numerous improvements for the SPARC hardware architectures, but also various fixes to MIPS, ARM, s390, PA-RISC, and x86 support. There are lots of updated drivers in this release, including for ACPI, FireWire, GPU (mostly Radeon), HID, HV, InfiniBand, IOMMU, MMC, MTD, PCI, PWM, SCSI, TTY, USB, UWB, and Xen. A couple of EXT4 fixes are also present, along with minor improvements to the XFS and UBIFS filesystems, and it looks like the sound and networking stacks have been updated with Intel HDA, as well as IPv6, IPv4, Netfilter, mac80211, DCCP, Bridge, and SCTP changes.