Linux Kernel 4.8.13 Launches with ARM64 and AMDGPU Improvements, KVM Fixes

While many rolling GNU/Linux distributions have just received the Linux 4.8.12 kernel, it looks like Linux kernel 4.8.13 is now available with more improvements and bug fixes, but it’s not a major milestone. According to the appended shortlog and the diff since last week’s Linux 4.8.12 kernel release, a total of 46 files were changed, with 214 insertions and 95 deletions. Looking at the changes, we can notice that Linux kernel 4.8.13 brings updated ADMGPU and Radeon graphics drivers with fixes for the availability of port PM, lots of ARM64 (AArch64) improvements, but also some small fixes for the x86 and ARC architectures, updated ATA (libata-scsi), CLK (sunxi), Intel i915, MediaTek, wireless (Marvell mwifiex), PCI-E, PWM, and SCSI drivers.