Linux Kernel 4.8.6 Updates Wireless and AMDGPU Drivers, Fixes ARM Issues

Linux kernel 4.8.6 is a fairly big release, and it looks like the biggest changes since Linux kernel 4.8.5 are updates to the AMDGPU, Crypto Marvell, AMD PowerPlay, Intel i915, Radeon, VC4, vmwgfx, InfiniBand, Ethernet (Intel i40e), Wireless (Atheros ath10k and Intel iwlwifi), Non-Volatile Dual In-line Memory Module (NVDIMM), PCI, PINCTRL, s390, SCSI (mpt3sas and cxlflash), and staging drivers. But there are also various other improvements to the ARM, PowerPC (PPC), and x86 hardware architectures, the Btrfs, Ceph, EXT2, EXT4, F2FS, JFFS2, JFS, OCFS2, OrangeFS, ReiserFS, and XFS filesystems, as well as the usual perf, mm, core kernel, and sound enhancements.