Linux Kernels 4.8.16 and 4.4.40 LTS Bring Btrfs and CIFS Fixes, Updated Drivers

Linux kernels 4.8.16 and 4.4.40 LTS are out, as announced by renowned kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman, and they’re here three weeks after the release of the previous maintenance updates, namely Linux 4.8.15 and Linux 4.4.39 LTS, due to the obvious Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Looking at the appended shortlogs, we can’t help but notice that these new point releases bring quite some changes. Linux kernel 4.8.15 is the bigger one, shipping with a total of 95 files changed, with 956 insertions and 490 deletions, while Linux kernel 4.4.40 LTS changes only 67 files, with 632 insertions and 256 deletions.