Linux Magazine: EnlightenDSM brings multiple-platform network management to Linux [Review]

“EnlightenDSM is a network management and distribution tool that
runs on Linux and Unix systems to manage Linux, Unix, Windows 9x,
and Windows NT PCs. Because it allows encrypted communication
between an EnlightenDSM server and managed PCs, you can use this
product to securely manage remote systems — a key advantage with
remotely hosted Web sites and branch offices. EnlightenDSM also has
the ability to detect remote alerts. This kind of broad platform
support and impressive feature set have earned it the Linux
Magazine Emperor Class award.”

“The EnlightenDSM server is available for two specific Linux
distributions: TurboLinux and Red Hat. It is bundled with
TurboLinux’s TurboCluster product. It is possible to get it running
on other Linux systems, but you should check with Enlighten
Software Solutions regarding availability for other distributions.
The software may or may not work, depending on which libraries your
distribution uses.”

“EnlightenDSM is a major find for any network manager. Its
breadth and cross-platform support are impressive, and its ability
to operate securely across the Internet can be invaluable. No
network manager should be without EnlightenDSM.”