Linux Magazine: Railroad Tycoon II: For the Robber Baron in All of Us

“Like Loki’s first port, Civilization: Call To Power,
Railroad Tycoon II isn’t a shoot-em-up-style game. It’s all about
strategy, using your head to build an empire. But unlike CivCTP,
which did include characters that would battle, this game is pure

“Railroad Tycoon II Gold Edition, which goes for $49.95 if
ordered from the Loki Web site, is a combination of the standard
Railroad Tycoon II game plus the Second Century Expansion Pack. The
packaging contains one CD, a fold-out reference guide, and a 100+
page user manual. A reference card for the Second Century Expansion
Pack is also included. Although the manual contains quite a bit of
information, it really doesn’t take you beyond the absolute basics
of game play. The fold-out reference card, however, comes in quite
handy when you need to look up important game information.”

“The Second Century Expansion Pack is a collection of 18 new
scenarios divided into three distinct historical eras. The
scenarios don’t change the way the game is played, but they do
provide new terrain and city maps. These maps not only determine
the layout of the world in which you build your railroads, but they
also determine the rules of play.”