Linux Orbit: 10 Questions with Charles Northrup of the GNOME for Windows project

[ Thanks to John
for this link. ]

“Recently, Global Technologies Ltd. Inc created something of a
stir in the GNU/Linux community with a press release announcing
their successful porting of the GNOME desktop environment to the
Windows platform (for full release click here). After reading the
discussions on various web sites, like Slashdot and others, I
decided to contact Global Technologies and ask them a little more
about the project. I was fortunate enough to get in contact with
Charles Northrup, the CTO for Global Technologies and the lead
developer on the GNOME port. The following 10 question interview
was granted via email and Mr Northrup sheds a little more light on
the reasons for the port as well as why GNOME was ported instead of
KDE. The answers were very enlightening….”

“Linux Orbit: Do you see this port (of GNOME) as a method for
Windows users to ease into a possible transition to GNU/Linux? Do
you think it will covert many?”

“Charles Northrup: The goal behind this effort is straight
forward. To prove that UNIX based development is the right way for
corporate entities to go. Far too often, corporate IT develops for
Microsoft Windows at the exclusion of the UNIX markets.”

“The rationale is always that Microsoft has the lion share of
the market, and thus for maximum ROI corporate entities will target
MS platforms. The really bad thing about this, is that they are
doing so at the exclusion of the UNIX markets, and further, they
help to proliferate the incompatabilities between UNIX and


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