Linux Productivity Magazine: Using IceWM

[ Thanks to Steve
for this link. ]

“Do you use KDE or Gnome? The question is ubiquitous.

“Gnome folks will tell you all day long why their desktop
manager is better than KDE. And the KDE folks are equally

“But if you listen carefully, somewhere in the shouting of KDE
and Gnome advocates, you’ll hear the voices of the few using other
window managers. Window managers not sacrificing memory and speed
for features. Window managers simple enough to learn in a day.
Window managers that can be used on everything from a Pentium 75 to
a 2.2 Gig Pentium IV. Window managers optimized by their users to
achieve maximum workflow.

“Their names are many. Sawfish, Blackbox, Windowmaker, Xfce,
twm, Enlightenment and fvwm2. And of course, IceWM. IceWM is light
weight, keyboard friendly, Windows reminiscent, configurable, and
very, very productive…”


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