Linux Quake and Quake 2 will be released shrinkwrapped.

Quake is an incredible 3-dimensional video game. -lt

Thanks to Christopher
for the tip.

“All ports so far have been just for the heck of it, but we will
be rolling out real commercial linux versions of several products
in the next couple months.” — John Carmack of ID Software.

“LQ:You stated that you would be releasing SEVERAL commercial
products for Linux on the store shelves: Does this mean that not
only will Q3A be released for Linux on the shelves, but Quake and
Quake 2 as well?”

“JohnC:Quake and Quake2 bundles (the game with both mission
packs) will be available well before QuakeArena.”

More information is available at the LinuxQuake Website.