Linux Today Quick Takes

A new cartoon strip, Venezuela passed the Y2K by the hand of
Linux, FrankenLinux.com – A new site for Linux Newbies, What’s In
and Out at the Washington Post, BoardZilla – The Open Source
Bulletin Board, Video editing software for Linux and Free Linux CDs
from Bynari International.

  • Chris Coleman writes:

    Daemon News launched
    its latest Comic Strip,
    “Source Wars”.

    Last years Comic Strip
    Co-Starred a Mobster Penguin named Lenny. It looks like he is
    making an appearance in this Adventure as well.”

  • Alberto Armengol wrote to
    tell us:

    “Venezuela passed the Y2K by the hand of Linux

    Ricardo Strusberg and his team were present with
    Linux in the transition to year 2000. Corvus,
    Strusberg’s company, was selected by the Presidential Commission,
    to develop the system to collect, consolidate and report all events
    occured in the dawn of the new year. The system and all the
    security of servers were developed on Linux and the DataBase system
    was PostgreSQL. Everything worked fine and, fortunately, no major
    events were reported.”

  • Robert Hoffman
    sent in this announcement:

    “FrankenLinux.com – A new site for Linux Newbies

    I have put up a new website geared toward helping Linux newbies.
    You can find it at www.frankenlinux.com.

    Basic guides are provided on vi, ftp, telnet, and finding help
    among other things. There is also a guide to improving fonts on
    RedHat systems that non-newbies may find helpful.”

  • Thomas sent us a link to a

    Wasihington Post story
    saying “What was In is Out, and in 2000,
    almost all of it’s Out.”

    Of Particular note:
    Out: Windows
    In: Linux

  • Malte Ubl sent this

    “BoardZilla – The Open Source Bulletin Board
    The Boardzilla project announces its existence. The purpose of this
    project is to create the world’s greatest open source forum system.
    We are looking for ideas, wishlists, and, of course, developers.
    More information can be found on our web pages. A perl-based core
    for the new BBS system was initially released two weeks ago.”

  • Victor Goodman of
    LinuxStart wrote:

    “While adding links at LinuxStart Sharyl came upon this cool
    video editing software for Linux , and the free download. The url
    is Broadcast 2000
    Now, go out and make a movie:)”

  • Finally, Julie of Bynari
    International wrote to tell us:

    “Bynari International is offering there old distribution
    inventory (older Linux cd’s) to the public for free. (While
    supplies last) This includes older Linux distribution cd’s (which
    mainly consist of Mandrake 6.1 cd’s). Also as a bonus Bynari
    International is offering one Level 1 Support Call and 30 days of
    email support to the lucky people who get the free cd’s. To get
    your free cd check the contact information below:

    Phone Number: 1-800-750-5320
    DFW: 214-350-5772

    Contact 1
    Contact 2

    When sending a email for requesting a cd please include the
    contact information (phone number or main email address)
    What distribution you prefer?”